Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It's Me, She Sent it to ME!

One of my best online quilting buddies recently announced she was sending out a surprise package from Australia...she posted clues for days and today I arrived home to a package and it was from her FOR ME! Smile. It really was overwhelming that someone I have never met face to face would take the time to pick out things to send me, wrap them all and spend the money to send them too...I love quilters!

So after I got myself in the door I opened it and peeked in and look at all those goodies! It was definately an early Christmas at my house!

I managed to remember to grab my camera to take pictures so I could blog about the whole thing though it got buried under all the wrapping paper at one point!
Here are all the goodies out of the bag and the card too!
My flash washed out this picture, but the card is handmade with a cute little Christmas tree on it! I will be hanging this up for the next month or so!
Here is all the wrapping paper!
I got so much stuff! Lots of fabric for my I/Eye Spy quilt I am making for Ben! A few quilting magazines that I have never seen before...can't wait to page through them this evening, a cool Australian animal calendar for 2009 complete with all the Aussie holidays in it! Also got some cookies (they are a hit...never had anything like them but they taste good!), some jello (they call it jelly--so what do you call jelly? jam? interesting the language differences), Vegemite which I have heard of and Sue tells me is great along with a recipe for it...we will be trying that soon and I will let you know how it is. Also a cute little key ring template for a tiny triangle! I love little things and it is just tiny!
Here is a little closer picture of the fabrics, all of which will go well in the I Spy! Ben loves "buggies" and there are several different fabrics that he would call buggies so that is awesome! My favorite one is the fish fabric..I am going to fussy cut a clown fish because he looks like Nemo and a few weeks ago I had Nemo on with ben and so he will like that one too! Tomorrow I will hopefully have time to work on this quilt and some others around the Thanksgiving festivities. I am going over to Ben's mom (Suli's) house and bringing pumpkin pie. My honey is working so may have to snag some leftovers!
I am thankful today for Sue in Oz not only for her generous nature and gifts that flew across the pond, but for all her comments and emails and her friendship...I hope one day we will meet and and sew while our partners drink beer and saw wood or whatever it is that they do when the gals ;)

PS I picked a few lemons...look how good the tree is looking!


Miss 376 said...

I've been reading her blog too-lucky you. You are going to have some fun

Quirky said...

I just keep grinning from ear to ear and re-reading your blog entry. I am SOOOOOOO glad you like it all! As for quilting together one day....that would be wonderful...but I reckon we should get our partners to garden. ;)