Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sewing Bee Prize, some I Spy Fabric and Shirttails!

This is my sewing bee prize from Shelly in my Stashbuilders Yahoo group. Thanks! She sent on four Christmas themed fabrics that are very cheery. I especially love the one that has all the different colors that looks folksy. I may do a square from two of these for the I Spy then the rest will join the Christmas fabrics that are building up and will soon be demanding a Christmas quilt!
I went to JoAnn Fabrics to use my 40% off coupon (never EVER have I used it successfully, it gets me in the store but nothing I want is ever full price so the coupon won't really irritates me and feels like a scam, but I digress) and wound up getting just an eight of a yard of fabric of four fabrics for the I Spy (about .40 each) and then 2.5 yards of a clearance Debbie Mumm fabric for the back of the I Spy.
= We also went to Goodwill in search of good bargains and found this fabric (in the form of a body pillowcase). It was so cute I had to have it. I may make a summer bag or two from it. Something simple I think.
I am sure you remember this book that I had to have...very inspiring, look at those awesome shirttails! So I went in search of my own and found a whole bunch of 100 percent cotton shirts...brought them home and washed and dried them and they are calling me to cut them up!
I am not sure that it is as good of a bargain as I would have liked (1 for 2.99, 1 for 5.99 and the rest for 4.99) but I feel good to be recycling and it was fun to search through all the choices and pick the ones I liked the best. I can't wait to see them take shape in a quilt. I think it will have to be one of Bonnie's too!
I also picked up Austrailian Patchwork and Quilting magazine and fell in love with this little quitlet called "A for Adaminaby" and it is the first in a series (A to Z) of mini quilts. I have never made a mini quilt and this will be my first. I know it will go together simply and I think I will even quilt it as the author did with little cross stitch x's on each square. How relaxing. I am glad I am off work a few weeks next month because I am going to need time to sew this. I think this will be my Christmas gift to me this year! What fun.


Quirky said...

You are going to have a ball with all that!

Sadie said...

Nice designs!! I found new style of fabric designs at Joann Fabrics...