Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Charm Square Bag

I decided to bust into my Flutterby Charm Square pack and make a bag this morning. I think it will be for Suli (my nephew's mom) for Christmas. Not sure she is into this sort of thing, but mom's always need bags to shlep things in so hopefully it will get used. This first pic is the front or back of the bag. It went together really quick--at least this part did! I hate making the handles, but got that done okay. I then broke off from the pattern which I got
After doing the front and back and handles. I decided I didn't want to get crazy with the side and bottom panels. I struggled a bit with catching all the edges on the bottom. I thought I had them all just so but LOL I did not!
So here it is all completed!

And the other side too!
I like it so much I might not give it away. It took all but one charm in the pack since I used 16 in the front, 16 in the back and 7 for the handles. I got the charms on clearance and used materials I had for the lining and batting so this was an inexpensive project...which these days you can't beat!
I signed up for a Quilt History class at Zoe's Trunk Quilts next Thursday too. Hopefully it won't get cancelled due to lack of enrollment...I am excited to meet some more quilters and besides a talk about Railroad quilts we get supplies and a pattern for a block too! I need to get out and meet some quilters or some Deaf people...I miss them!

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Quirky said...

That is a lovely bag, Andee. Maybe you need to make a second one for said yourself a mum can't ahve too many bags....and you are a mum! ;)

Western Australia