Sunday, November 23, 2008

My First Mini Quilt Top!

Last night I couldn't resist taking this picture of Rosie and Jade hanging out together on top of my library book about quilts!
What do you suppose I am going to do with these sweet strips? I bought this fabric at the Chicago Quilt Show last Spring and had a hard time cutting into it for other projects, but this one....I couldn't resist!

So now my strips are sewn together and cut apart...much like a bargello quilt!

You can see when I stagger them how the pattern forms as I gently rip the bottom boxes off and realign them on the top! I took my time to make sure I did it right, because reripping is not so much fun (as me know I know this lol).
I couldn't resist showing you how the back looks since I stopped and ironed each row! I used to skip this step but it really does make for better quilting and gets me out of my chair for a good stretch too!
Here it is! Isn't it sweet? I think it is just adorable! I plan to hand quilt the little cross stitch x's on it which should be fun! I am backing it in a brown I didn't use for the top...may look for the perfect binding because I don't have any with little stripes like the one in the picture and I like that effect. Thanks for checking out my "A is for Adaminaby" mini quilt!
I also added a bit more to my I Spy...I went through a bag of scraps and also through Kathy's little scraps and found some more but think I am o-u-t from here. LOL. It is looking good. The other thing I did today was in that same bag I cut lots of strips like Bonnie at Quiltville is nice to get those scraps in a useable place instead of just stuck in a bag with no future! I made a lot of progress on that...I was apparently in a cutting mood and that doesn't happen too often!


Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Hey Andee!
It's been awhile since I've commented, but I HAD to agree with you about the ironing comment. I always used to skip this step too until about a year ago---now, I REALLLLLLY see the advantage of ironing; my piecing is close to perfect now.........(yeah--okay, maybe I'm pushing it a little bit.)

I love pinks and browns too----looks great!

Miss 376 said...

What a fantastic idea for the quilt. It's worked beautifully.

Quirky said...

Those colours are gorgeous together! It is a lovely looking top. Cross stitching sounds perfect for the quilting. What kind of thread do you plan on using?

I do the same thing with They tend to end up in a bag which I'm "gunna" cut up. It is bursting at the moment, so I reckon it will be a project for this week...nothing better than a bit of slicing and dicing to make me forget about the work day. lol