Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Fantastic Package in the Mail and a Quilt History Class!

I arrived home from a long day at work to find a package from my online quilting friend Philla (from my NewQuiltingClub group which is awesome). She took the time to go through her fabrics and cut up squares for me to add to Ben's I Spy quilt and sent them on to me! What a generous gal...of her time, money and most of all fabric. Thanks Philla! This picture doesn't show all of them, but when I get them into the quilt I will explain which ones came from Oregon.
After relaxing and watching the View and such I drove over to Zoe's Trunk Quilt Shop and decreased their inventory by a few fat quarters since it was their 40 percent off sale on precuts! All of these will also go into the I Spy quilt. I can get several different squares from two of the fabrics since there are lots of different shapes in there. I absolutely love the cute owl fabric--I can't wait to find things to stick an owl into! My mother used to collect owls though many years ago and they remind me of her.

I also had to buy these cute charm squares so that I could make another bag! I may make one for my mom. I told her about Suli's bag and she hinted that a big bag for her knitting stuff would not go unappreciated. I am not sure if she really wants one, or wants to help me find something to make for her so as to save money but either way she may get a bag. She loves little birds and we always say my Grandma Char (her mom now 20 years gone) is watching us in the form of a little bird. Long story, but we often buy each other and my aunt Nancy little birds so we all have the same one...I think a bird in her bag would be special if only for that...these little fabric birds are so sweet!
At the craft fair last weekend we bought Randy a jar of Ken's jalepeno jelly which is really good with some bite to it. I took the fabric off the top so I can add it to the I Spy...can you tell I am on a mission?
Tonight I went to the Quilt History group too. They were talking about post civil war railroad building time. I met seven ladies who were all really friendly and welcoming! They were well informed on their info too...apparently different people look up the topic and bring in resources to talk about and show and all that. It was really interesting and I learned alot. One gal brought in three different railroad fabrics (not from the time period) and told us all to cut a hunk off! That was really sweet...I forgot to tell her thank you at the end though since there was so much going on. Will try to remember next month! I can't remember her name either...learned 5 names, two I didn't catch--I hate that!
Don't you just love these cheddar fabrics? I had been admiring them in the shop and low and behold they are part of this month's quilt history kit! The Railroad Crossing block is a pattern from the Ladies Art Company published in 1895. I will be putting this block (which looks challenging to me) together soon so I can bring it back next month for show and tell. We also have to bring a period dessert (is my great Gma's Ice Box Pie old enough?) and will discuss the plan for next year...looks like we will be doing 20's and 30's style stuff! I am really excited to have found this group and I think it will be alot of fun!

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Quirky said...

The Quilt History group sounds fantastic. I like ALL the As for 40% is an investment. ;) The cheddar fabrics are in lovely colours. This is going to sound like a daft it named that because cheddar cheese is that colour over there?