Friday, May 30, 2014

The ABC's of Me!

Sinta posted a fun little get to know ya thing called "The ABC's of Me" so I thought I would do one was kind of fun and kept me busy at work this afternoon, lol!

A- Age: 40-ish

B- Bed size: Queen

C- Chore you hate: cleaning the bathroom!

D- Dog's name: Joe is our black lab, Lombardi is our Rottie, Zoe is our Jack Russel mix that was supposed to be a chiuhauha, Rosey is our beagle, Daisy is our coon hound that was supposed to be a beagle mix and Bug is our chiuhauaha!

E- Essential food/item: Previously cherry chocolate chip ice cream, currently coconut light toasted greek yogurt

F- Favorite color: For many years it has been blue, but I really like purple and sometimes green too!

G- Gold or silver: Gold jewellery, silver furnishings

H- Height: 5'5 if I stretch it

I- I am: working towards being healthy!

J- Job: Sign language interpreter, I freelance a little, and work at a college and do video phone interpreting too (also an ASL teacher, but currently am not teaching)

K- Kids: I have three of my own and one honorary daughter from a previous relationship. Coleman is 27, is high functioning autistic and diabetic and lives at home, he is engaged to Lexi whoom we love, Hannah is 24 and is a Certified Public Accountant and lives in Wisconsin, and Mackenzie is 21, is working and planning to go back to college, and also lives in Wisconsin. My honorary daughter is Rachel, she lives in Norway with her fiance and their one year old son and is 23.

L- Living arrangements: We live in a two story house in Chandler, AZ. Love my house except for the kitchen which I would love to gut and redo!

M-Mom's name: Toni Lynn

N- Nickname: My mother has always called me Angela but apparently in kindergarten or first grade the teacher asked me if I had a nickname and I suddenly said Angie which no one had ever called me. Later I changed the spelling to Angi. Eventually I grew to really dislike that name and so tried to get people to call me Angela (my Grandma Char called me Angel!) but they would always shorten it to Angi so after one of the 19 moves we made before I graduated high school, I came up with Andee and that has been my nickname ever since. Now I usually tell people I am Angela and that is what they call me, if they try to shorten it I tell them my nickname is Andee!

O- Overnight hospital stay: I am hard of hearing and had ear surgery years ago, other than that when I had each of my kids. Other than the chronic migraines I get, I am super lucky health wise!

P- Pet peeve: As a video relay interpreter, I hate it when people make a phone call but aren't paying attention to their call! Sometimes I interpret away what a machine or person is saying and then they are like what, huh? Ummm you must pay attention to your call you missed it!

Q- Quote from a movie: "You must be November" from Sweet November.

R- Right or left handed: Right though many folks in my family are ambidextrous. Comes from my mom's dad's side.

S- Siblings: I have a sister two years younger than I and a younger brother, 12 years younger than me.

T- Time you wake up: I am SO not a morning person! I get up as late as I can though I am exercising in the morning before work these days! On the other hand, I can stay up super late and love my nights!

U- Unique thing about your car: It is an Element, they aren't making them anymore so I guess that is unique.

V- Vegetable you hate: Cooked Spinach

W- Ways you run late: I am almost never late. I tend to be 15 minutes early or I feel I am going to be late!

Y- Yummy food you make: I make lots of family recipes that are really good! I have a cookbook with them in it on Tastebook and have gifted them to my kids and family. A favorite is Pork chops and mushroom gravy!

Z- Zoo favorite: We took a personal tour of the elephant area at the zoo with my nephew several years ago. It was so cool and made me really appreciate elephants. I have a hard time seeing animals in captivity though...


Heather said... was great getting to know you better! This would be a really fun "a-long" type of activity to send all over bogland to get to know all of our fellow bloggers!

Lisa said...

This is great to read and learn all about you. And looking further down you've been really busy. Blogger's doing something a bit crazy tonight and some of the photos aren't loading so I'll have to pop back again and check them out when it's working properly.

Deb A said...

I didn't know your name was Angela! I figured it was Andrea! So neat to learn more about you. I may try and do this for a Monday post.

Amy said...

"T" had me laughing! :)

Moneik said...

Such a fun way to get to know you. Thanks for sharing.

Alycia said...

That is really cool - one to get toknow you better, and two thatyou have an answer for each letter ;-)