Monday, May 5, 2014

Hawk's Nest or Cactus Patch?

I have been thinking that is time to start another Quiltville quilt (not that I don't already have several going, but I have this itch for another!).  So the difficulty is in deciding which one to choose!  In Tuscon I got to see Bonnie's Hawk's Nest in person and it is FAR MORE exquisite in person than this picture can even begin to capture!  It really is fabulous, and of course I love cheddar so that makes it even better!  This picture is Bonnie's and this quilt can be found in her Scraps and Shirttails 2 book.    

 Here is the close up I took, it shows more of the COLOR than the farther away picture.  I love it!

 And I already showed you Karen's version too, which is also fabulous! 
And while I was browsing through all of Bonnie's books (I have them all, of course!) I ran across this Cactus Patch quilt which also speaks to me!  I know it too is in my future!  When I asked Kathy which one should be next, she picked this one too!

Cactus Patch is in Bonnie Hunters' Scraps and Shirtails 1 Book and this picture is on her website at and if you haven't already been to that site you are in for a treat!   
So since I cannot decide between these two quilts, is there anyone out there that is dying to make one or the other of them who would want to join me?  Always more fun when a few of us get going on a quilt!  If could be persuaded to one or the other (or BOTH) if someone was sewing along with me.  Any takers? 


Messy Karen said...

you are so right. love hawk's nest. i would start this. but obviously i might poop out and not keep up with you. first step is picking out that cheddar color. i'll work on that hoping others will join you.

SandyPA said...

I prefer Hawk's Nest because I wasn't thrilled with sewing strings. But for you it might be a nice change from regular piecing. Also, Bonnie said she let her Cactus Patch triangles go every which way. You will have to prepare mentally for letting that happen (grin). Another alternative is the Four Patch X or Scrap Crystals from her new book. Both of those are calling me!

Roslyn said...

I like both but have a lot on my plate right now so it is probably not the best time to begin a labor intensive BH quilt, I may have to wait till the next mystery depending how the summer goes.
But you go girl, I will watch,LOL!