Thursday, May 22, 2014

Ring Around the Hexies!

Ros also quilted my Ring Around the Hexies wall hanging!  I cannot wait to hang this one above the bed so I can stare at it daily.  Not sure if I made binding already and if not, what color I should bind it in.  Love the scrappiness of this and think the combination designers of Bonnie Hunter and Mickey Depre cannot be beat!  I am happy with my first work with pieced hexies, I know there are more in my future!
Ros custom quilted it with Superior Art Studio's "Arabian Sand" thread and in the bobbin she used Superior Bottom Line thread. 

My backing.
Ros custom made me a label so I don't have to add one, I always number my quilts though so I may have to add that myself but I am tickled this label won't wash out--very sturdy! 
Lost one pound last week and .8 this week for a total of 33!  Pretty happy with that considering all the buffets on vacation.  :)

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Vireya said...

wow, it looks fantastic! Ros did a nice job on the quilting, too.