Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tuesday Night Sewing

 I was home from work by four today and I got right on Angela's Broken Dishes block in green for the RSC Challenge.  I had all these hst's left over as bonus hst's from a previous project so it went together pretty quickly!  While digging those hst's out, I found two leftover nine patches (from Carolina Crossroads) and realized they were the right size for another Flagstones block.  I think this one will become a mug rug down the line.
Kathy was working from home (new job--she is training eight hours a day so what is a girl to do?) so I decided to pull out a long leftover project so I could use of the rest of the cut fabrics.  Doubt you remember this quilt from 2010--
But today I whipped up some more snowball blocks and then put a new top together like this:

I like the first one better, but this allowed me to use what I had.  Still have a few blocks leftover but they will find there way into a back or a charity pile or something, glad to cross this one off my UFO list!


Kevin the Quilter said...

Look at you go Andee! Love the vibrant colors in your UFO!

Cathy said...

You are just cruising right along! Awesome job!

Roslyn said...

Your productivity always astounds me Andee!

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