Saturday, May 10, 2014

Flowers and Greens!

I entered all kinds of drawings for Quiltmaker's latest edition of 100 blocks and am happy to say I won a copy!
 Cheryl over at who designed the block below let me know I had won!  I have all but the second edition of this magazine and I spent a little time looking through all of them again, and this latest one is by far the best!  I marked off lots of blocks I want to make (compared to three or so in each of the others!) so it will be fun to get to them!

 Yesterday I was quite surprised to get these beautiful flowers from my daughter Hannah!  They were delivered in the morning before work and made my day!  Gotta love a Mother's Day surprise!
 When I got home from work I was surprised by more flowers that Kathy had ordered a few days before...and Coleman's fiance is here from Canada and he got her a dozen roses too, our house is filled with flowers!

 I am picking up hours this weekend at work since we are going to Vegas (my very first time!) on Wednesday!  So I am heading out the door in a few minutes, but I decided to quickly sneak in these two RSC Challenge blocks!  The one above is stacked coins and the one below is courthouse steps.  Linking up with Angela!
 I also added a few more green lozenges to my growing pile!


Sheila said...

Love the green. You have been busy! Have a good time in Vegas!!

scraphappy said...

Beautiful flowers. Congratulations on winning the magazine. Have a great time in Vegas!
Great RSC blocks too -- love the color on your coins.

Deb A said...

Beautiful flowers. Great job with the sampler blocks. Enjoy Vegas - it is a fun place to visit.

Roslyn said...

OMG Andee you are the busiest lady! Sneaking in a bit here and a bit there makes you super productive.
Enjoy your "Lost Wages" visit,LOL.