Monday, May 26, 2014

More Green, with a Side of Purple and a Flagstones block!

Framed Pinwheel
I spent some time during my long weekend catching up on my green blocks for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  I cannot believe how much fun these 6 inch blocks are!  They whip up so quickly and I really feel accomplished after each one.
Friendship Scrap

Nelson's Victory
Carrie Nation
Angela posted a Cactus Pot that she had kitted up in purple, I decided to go ahead and do mine in purple too!
Cactus Pot
So here are all the purple blocks from last month.
And here are all the green blocks sans the Carrie Nation one I made tonight.  I snapped a new picture but it was blurry and my phone is dead and plugged in in the other room, LOL.
Here are all the blocks so far as of the other night too.  I know there will be sashing in this quilt and pretty sure I will mix up all the colors too, but it will either be huge or there will be more than one at this rate!  I did add in all the churn dash blocks I made at quilting on the rim...I decided they were too big for what I wanted and I may use some or all of them in this quilt since they are the same size.
I also sewed up the last green lozenge tonight (actually did a ton of them as leaders and enders this weekend!) and my total is now up to 265!  The goal is 405 so I am happy to say I am over half way there and the year isn't half over quite yet!  No hurrying to get them done at the end of the year I hope!  I really think doing a color each month helps me go through all my scraps and gives me a goal I can reach so it works well.  Not sure why it took me too long to copy those of you who were already doing it!
I got up early this morning (to exercise before going to mom's for a bbq/pool party) and had just enough time to sew up the May Ooh Rah! QOV and then this fun block from Quiltmaker.  It was from Bonnie's column and I thought it would look great in Packer colors...I could see a whole quilt like this!
Flagstones from Quiltmaker March/April 2014


scraphappy said...

The plan is to make a queen sized quilt. We are halfway there so far with almost 50 blocks! I am planning on some free form diagonal stripes of color. Love the progress on all your blocks this weekend. I am really liking the 6 inch block size. A lot!

Cathy said...

You've gotten so much done lately!! Awesome job. I'm still working on last July's leader/ender project. She totally surprised me in February with starting a new one so I just decided not to sweat it and keep going with this one until I'm done.

Nell's Quilts said...

Great job on all the RSC blocks. So colourful and there aren't any warm brights yet. Some great green projects.

Cathy said...

I skipped making the sampler blocks for RSC but after viewing all the gorgeous blocks everyone is making I wish I had.

I love those lozenges. I'm making a smaller size than yours and figured I need 720 for my quilt. Not sure how many I have so far. Maybe not even 100!

Karen said...

You have lots of pretty rainbow blocks. I love the lozenges blocks.

Deb A said...

I love the feeling in December when you get to put together a great quilt you have been working on all year in each color - makes it seem easy and manageable! Love your blocks. That last one would be great as a whole quilt.....

Sheila said...

Your RSC sampler blocks are sooooo cute! They are fun. I saw Angela's comment. Now we know she has a queen sized quilt in mind. Wow. Now we know : )