Sunday, May 4, 2014

Productive Sewing Saturday!

I finally got the center together for My Blue/Purple Heaven!  It is 7x9.  I need to get borders on it next!  I am really happy with how it looks and Lexi loves it too!

 Kathy whipped up this little quilt for AZ Quilts for Kids.  She brought home a few kits again and this is the first.  Cannot go wrong with all that purple!
 I decided I should try to get back on doing a few Wild and Goosey blocks each month so that I can continue to make progress on that quilt.  I have tons of little scraps to choose from...the cut off parts from the lozenges fit many of these spots perfectly, so each month I am getting more colors to pic from!
 Yesterday we picked up the 35th Ave. Traditions BOM.  Last night while watching movies (Diary of Anne Frank--Kathy had never seen it! and some shipwreck documentaries) I cut and sewed my block.  Not much contrast in some of it, but it is what it is!
And to round out my productive sewing day I also made quite a few green lozenges.  I have lots more green to go!
Well, I have already biked for thirty minutes and am ready to get back to sewing.  This week I lost 2.8 pounds for a total of 30 lost!  Trying to take it day by day, lately it seems harder than it was!


scraphappy said...

So many pretties! Love the purple -- so soothing.

Heather said...

Andee!!! You are making such GREAT progress!!! Congratulations on you weight loss and keeping it on your quilty projects!

I didn't realize that the Lozenges cutoff would work for Wild & Goosey...are you making the 3x6 (finished) blocks? Your W&G blocks are also gorgeous...are you working strcktly from Bonnie's article, or have you made a paper piecing template?

Moneik said...

Awesome job on the weight loss. I hit a point where I couldn't loose any more, but I keep working at it as well. I just love seeing all the progress you've been making on your quilts. I have way too many started projects I need to get a few finishes.