Sunday, June 1, 2014

Modern Medallion Quiltalong--Help, I am Stuck!

I have been stalled on my modern medallion quiltalong quilt that the Modern Quilt Guild of Ireland has been doing...I finally just started playing around trying to figure out what to do next.  

I had the idea to put red on two sides and squares on the other two sides...then wanted to repeat the four patch that I had done earlier so I put those up there...then felt it needed more so I made that weird thing that is the top center (I was planning to add peach to all sides of it and randomly put it in the red strip--right now it is a block on a peach square on the strip).
Then I just wasn't sure I was nuts about it all, so I cut all the strips in half and sewed them together and tried putting red on two sides again...

I have not attached any of it.  I really think I like the first one better (now that I would have to completely remake all the parts but the corners, lol).
Any suggestions?  Which is better or do you have a better idea?  I am a pattern follower and this entire quilt is out of my comfort zone!  I keep thinking I should call it done and put these odds and ends in the backing and be done with it!
I am open to any suggestions--pretty please!
I do not have a great quantity of any solid color that is in this quilt other than the red and I am using layer cakes of the Fandango fabric.


Heather said...

First of all...I LOVE how this project is coming along! You've chosen some great color! Now, coming from a completely non-mod quilter, I would make a complete round with the patterned blocks on all sides (or a double row of the ones you've now cut in half for a fun mix of color). Maybe you could stil use the 4-patches in the corners that way? Then use that great red to bind! Whatever you do, it's going to be great!!!

Gina said...

I love what you've done so far but must admit to prefering the second photo. the red and scrap blocks look great all the way around. Frames the centre better xx

Cathy said...

I really like the second picture myself. You've done a great job "working outside your comfort zone."