Sunday, June 29, 2014

Hawaii Sunset Update and More

 Coleman brought me a cup of coffee in bed this morning so I hung out and read my library book for a bit.  I love this author, this is the third book of hers I have read this month!

 Yesterday I pulled out Hawaii Sunset and cut the dark blue sashing strips.  I attached them to the larger setting triangles and figured out that my smaller setting triangles seem least there are only four of them but I may have to redo them or adjust.  Linking up with Judy at the Patchwork Times  for Design Wall Monday!
 I hadn't cut the green squares for the sashing strips, so I did that.  I hope I counted right.  I feel like this last part is complicated because the directions are basically a picture.  It is far too big to lay the whole thing out in my quilting studio so I am hesitant to even try to do this--and it is further complicated by the fact that the edge strips are to be cut on two different angles and must be placed right for it all to work out.  I have not even attempted that part yet.  Most of it is back in the box except for this bit on the design wall.  Angela and Amy and I will get this done (really Andra and Judy!) one of these fine days but for me it will not be today!
 Instead I played around and followed the idea of the Bloomin Patch but I did not quilt as I went.

 The one below with the strawberry start will be going to Norway with Randy in a few days.  He is off to see his daughter Rachel (my honorary daughter) and her son Leon.  I am sending a few books for him but wanted to send her something I made.  That little strawberry scrap is leftover from a quilt that Randy now has.  I thought she might get a kick out of that.  I was pretty happy with how they turned out considering there was no real pattern and I was happy to use some of my red strings!

 And her is Kathy holding up what she worked on today.  She has her flimsy of her Crossroads blocks together.  She plans to quilt it herself and gift it to her great nephew Noah.  She has blocks done for his brother Jax too.
Kathy also got a scrappy purple binding on her Kaleidoscope of Kolor BOM from last year (yes, mine still needs that border fixed!) after getting it back from Ros.  The quilting is really pretty--you can see it a little better in the second picture that Ros took.  This one is for her niece Bree (the mom of the boys mentioned above).  This one has been a long time in the works and I know Bree is going to be thrilled with it!


Gina said...

Gorgeous quilts. Best of luck with the Hawaiian Sunset. It'll look amazing when it's done though xx

scraphappy said...

Hope that Hawaiian Sunset will come together soon. I've had mine out and laid on the floor lately, but got stalled in the setting triangles. I was hoping seeing yours would get me moving. Hoping.......

SandyPA said...

I love the bright colors of Hawaiian Sunset. I recommend watching a sunset (preferably in Key West) to build motivation to finish up the quilt!