Monday, June 2, 2014

Weekend Sewing--Classic Meets Modern Fun!

I did the last green block for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge this weekend and then put them all away (as well as all the lozenges that were green).
Spinning Star
I also did the first yellow block since that sunny color is for June!
Framed Four Patches

I also made some Favorite Vegetable soup.  So easy to do because we had already cut up the squash and zucchini and had it in the freezer.  The top picture is before blending the soup, and the next one is after blending which is how I like it!
This soup is one of my favorite healthy soups and we make it all the time, even when I am not eating right!  It is delicous with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!

Someone on the Quiltville Open Studio group (which I help Bonnie moderate) was showing off her quilty shower curtain so I went looking for a picture of mine to share with the group and discovered that this quilt was never added to my numbered quilts and was before my blog (made in Wisconsin) so it wasn't even on the blog!  So I thought I would go ahead and show it off here.  This is my 3rd bathroom which is right off my quilting is the spare bathroom and is rarely used these days but there is the fish quilt I made to be a shower curtain.  It has been hanging for around six years (at the old house and here) and is holding up well.  I do take it down and wash it every year or so and then I hang it the opposite way so gravity can pull at it in a different direction.  It is holding up well--there is a liner in there on the other side of it too.  The fish look like fish in both directions, so that works well!

I also worked on my Classic Meets Modern BOM.  This particular block is way out of my comfort zone, but I just went for it.  I had a few issues (two of my blocks were too big so I trimmed them, sewed the white to the other side (so the border would be at least a quarter inch) and so I wound up with two blocks that had the border go to the edge but I decided I liked it fine.  If I made that block again I would maybe start with a four inch square because I didn't sew the border on at a strong enough angle as I think it was supposed to be done.  I was attempting to use all fabrics that have been in it so far so as not to add more to it.  The next block will need more of the dark pinks from the drunkard's path I think, but I reallylike how this block uses the same fabrics as the bear paw and star as well as the dark blue from the other star.  I feel like the blocks are starting to look like they go together! 
Linking up with Sew at Home Mummy--go there and see what others are doing with this BOM, I am loving it!
I also added a border to this little baby girl quilt and added it to the pile for future quilting or tying. 

I cut up lots of yellow lozenges for the RSC Challenge and Leader/Ender Challenge.

I had the most relaxing day sewing yesterday!  It seems like we have been running alot lately on our weekends and it was really nice to just play around.  Kathy joined me for most of the day which was nice too!


Diane-crewe said...

I think all your blocks look great x .. love the fish shower curtain .. made me smile to see all those fish xx I have just found the Rainbow Stash Project and am considering what to do for sunny June .. mind you its raining like a monsoon here in the UK at the moment xx

Vireya said...

I have never seen (or heard of) a quilted shower curtain before. It is fantastic!

Gina said...

Love how all your blocks are looking. I haven't started on yellow yet, need to go through my scraps bin. I've never heard of a quilted shower curtain. Do you put a normal one behind it for protection? Great log cabin block. I've designed mine but again yet to do. Hopefully this week xx

Erin @ Sew at Home Mummy said...

FANTASTIC! You did an AMAZING job, *especially* if you're not used to improvisational piecing - this is so awesome, I'm in love with it! Way to go!