Saturday, September 1, 2012

Becky's House for Sewing Fun

 Smith Mountain Morning is together sans borders.  I did sew the borders together but haven't attached them yet.  Should be doing that soon!  I love this quilt even more in person than from looking at the picture.  It just really wows me.  This is the one I started doing for Randy--but then he got Orca/Green Bay, so then this was going to be for my oldest son Coleman--but then he really liked the leftover red/black Night and Day quilt so that one is destined for my best friend Monica has commented about liking the colors on this one and I think it shall find its way to her place since she is on my list of people to give a quilt to.  I know she will love it and I look forward to visiting her and seeing it in her house in Wisconsin.  I haven't told her yet, but may just be facebooking her on that soon!  (LOL just took a blogging break and told her on fb!)
 Here you see Becky working on the binding for her Nines Surrounded (designed by Bonnie Hunter) which she finished up... I have this one barely started--as in nine patches that is all!.  Love Becky's!

 Here you can see Becky, Kathy and Barb.  Kathy was working on some bags like we made at Nimble Thimbles awhile back for gifts...I need to make some more of them and Barb was working on some really nice applique (she said from Eleanor Burns...I need to get that book if I ever want to try appliqueing again-if anyone can bring that down for me it is her!) and she also was working on a Majestic Mountains quilt like they do at Three Dudes Quilting in red, white and black.  It is the same quilt Margarite showed at Nimble Thimbles a few months ago. is the link to the pattern!  Barb also brought us a really delicious crock pot meal with chicken and wild rice in it.  I need the recipe, it is from Fix it and Forget it cookbook...I have one of those but don't think that recipe is in there!

 I cut and sewed up my little Lil' Twister which is just like the other one I made.  This one will be gifted to someone--have someone in mind, but not positive yet!

 Another picture a little later in the evening...everyone sewing away.  They are a fun bunch and Barb invited us all to head to her place Monday since it is a we will be doing a repeat sew in there!  We also talked about shop hop and may wind up doing some of that together.  I haven't heard what the plans are with the Huggy Bunch, but they have expanded their horizons so I am guessing a big group will wind up doing it together.  They ALL live on the other side of town (45 or more minutes away) so I may wind up doing some of it with the gals from this end of town.  Kind of playing it be ear at this point.
 Becky was almost done with her Lil' Twister (in the size up from mine) when I left.  She did it in a thirties fabric and I think my picture is kind of dark but it is really cute!
We were invited to go to a pool party up at my folks' house but think we are staying home tomorrow.  I want to get in more sewing and we were just up there last weekend so...think that is our plan.  Thanks Becky for  a really nice day!  

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scraphappy said...

Great work getting SMM put together! It is such a great quilt. Please take my advice and get your borders put on NOW before it gets put away for a few months. Why are pieced borders such a hard thing?