Sunday, September 2, 2012

Two Bonnie Quilts See Progress :)

 Last night I got the blue border on Smith Mountain Morning.  Next up is the outer border!  I tagged my best friend Monica on facebook and told her this one will be coming her way (it is about time she gets a quilt!) and this is what she said in response:   Andee, I saw this last night and I was speechless. I feel so blessed to have such a thoughtful, generous, and creative best friend. This quilt will be stunning in our bedroom, and I look forward to cuddling in it, especially this winter! From the bottom of my heart, thank you!  
This makes me oh so happy I have finally got just the right quilt to give to Monica.  Her birthday and anniversary are in October so with any luck I can get it out to her by then!
Then this afternoon I put the binding on Roll, Roll Cotton Boll!  I had to take the ladder outside to get pictures of it.  I am sure my neighbors think I am a nut!  I should have put shoes on because the cement was too hot to stand on!
 This quilt really has grown on me.  It was my first official string quilt and I was a bit worried about the wonkies, but in the end it is beautiful.  This one doesn't have a home yet and since it is a Bonnie quilt I am not likely to let it go too far!


wackywoman said...


scraphappy said...

It looks like a two Bonnie quilt for your too! They are both AMAZING! I am picturing you standing up on a ladder trying to get a good photo. I only stood on the coffee table to try to get mine:) Great weekend. Hope you find some time tomorrow to put on the pieced border. It is already partially pieced or are you starting from scratch.

Quilter Kathy said...

Both quilts are gorgeous! I can't even imagine how many seems are in that RRCB!

Roslyn said...

The recipient is a very lucky woman!

Roslyn said...

And RRCB turned out beautifully too! Who is THAT one for?