Monday, September 3, 2012

Spoolin' Around--Sewing Day at Barb's!

I worked a few hours this morning and then headed over to Barb's house to sew for the first time.  Barb worked on putting the binding on this quilt and then she worked on the bag below.

 Kathy (sewing buddy Kathy, not my Kathy) picked the fabric out for her and coached her along since she was finishing up three of the bags for future gifts.
 These three are Kathy's.  She accidently forgot to cut the stripes in the "correct" direction, and in the end all of us liked it better this way.  I may just have to use stripes on one of mine that I make.  I made one of these a long while back with Nimble Thimbles (all these gals are from that group) and have been meaning to pick up more of the special interfacing stuff so I can make some more.  They make good gifts.
I borrowed these pictures from the gals' facebook pages because I forgot to take pictures while I was there. Becky was also there and she finished up a baby size quilt and worked on her spools.  I spent the majority of my time cutting out my spools.  If you haven't heard by now, Bonnie Hunter has put out the next challenge instead of bow ties, we are moving on to spools and doing some Spoolin' Around! 
 I sewed up my first seven spools, mostly with fabric that Becky traded me.  I spent the majority of time cutting and cutting and cutting. I gave Becky a bagful and had one for Suzy...then I realized that I hadn't cut enough of the little squares...I was cutting four like the directions said, but not four for each stack.  Blonde moment and so I had to go back through ALL of the stack and try to match up squares and recut more squares.  I still have a stack that needs squares cut, but I was so sick it after a point.  Next time I will do better, lol.  On the other hand, I cut squares for the lights--which didn't need squares so now I have a bag of light squares.  Talking and cutting and tired...that is my story!

In the end I had this basket for myself (some Becky gave me) so I have plenty to get started on anyways.  I need to get some backs pieced, but I am just soooo tired that I am not counting on it happening!

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scraphappy said...

Sitting and cutting sounds a little more relaxing than piecing backings. Enjoy your new LnE project. The bowties turned out great, hope these do as well.