Sunday, September 23, 2012

Cutting and Sewing and Hanging with Bonnie

 Kathy and I were inspired by this large Halloween quilt we saw at Quilter's Bee yesterday.  So I got to cutting the squares and then moved on to cutting all the scraps BJ gave me yesterday into Bow Ties.  I did all of them, even got two sets out of some of them so the bag has extras for down the line when I get around to making another one of these!
 Kathy then cut them into the wedges which are needed for the windwill shape.  At about this point I decided that using the Lil' Twister would be easier for me!  Seriously too many ways to turn these and have to unsew.
 Perk of this method...see that tiny strip of waste?  Each block has one of those, so considerable fabric savings compared to my method.
 The fun part (roflmfao!) was then laying these out so that they could be (ahem) chain sewed.  It too two of us and we hauled up an extra table to lay them on (five dogs means the floor would be a disaster!).

 You lay them out in stacks like so.  Then add the boder, some on top of the stack and some under the stack.  Somehow we messed something up and later we would be unsewing.  (What a surprise!)

 Eventually it started to take shape.  We wound up undoing the stacks and laying them all out on the wall.  Kathy pieced the parts and I put the blocks together and then the rows.  Eventually she said it got easier.  She hasn't tried the other method yet though.

 Getting bigger.  And tada!  Bug had to check it out.  Now Kathy has decided to try doing some small blocks to make the border more interesting.

 I cut and sewed up a mini version of Speck--the Another Year of Schnibbles choice for this month.  It is so very cute and made from Frolic squares I had on hand in the right size.  I can see making this one again, I want to try the X version, but my precuts didn't have two of the same fabric in them to match up.
I also did one little spool block and a nine patch of bow ties.  I really enjoyed Bonnie on quilt cam and then watched several shows on Amazon Prime...finally finding a new one I like--West Wing.  Plenty of episodes left to watch while I sew.  


scraphappy said...

What a fun day! I heard Bonnie give you a big shout out on quilt cam this afternoon. Fun Haloween fabrics. Another Bow-tie quilt?

Michele said...

That Speck you made is wonderful! It looks like you enjoy making those Twisters too!