Monday, September 3, 2012

Arizona Sunshine goes to Minnesota!

Here is my Uncle Jim (my Dad's brother) in Minnesota.  I sent him some Arizona Sunshine in the form of a "Flock of Triangles" quilt this week and he like it.  I made this quilt two summers ago and couldn't part with it...sometimes the right person or reason comes along and then my heart just tells me where it needs to go.  My Uncle is going through some health stuff and we are praying for his speedy recovery and all of the sudden I knew this sunshine quilt needed to go to him!  All that worked out well since I finally got the "Mourning Crosses" memory quilts sent off to him, Margie and well my sister's is still in my car!  His is backed with camping fabric because we went to Canada--the Boundary Waters with him and my Dad and my cousins several times as kids.  I should try to find those pictures and scan them in.  The four of us girls (Me, Carla, Tina and Tricia by age)  always had so much fun and have so many memories of those days with our Dad's.  My cousin Brian didn't come along until later so I never got to go with he is all grown up with two daughters of his own!

 Bonnie motivated me (on webcam) so I did get the backings done for two quilts (CJ's and a Schnibble from two months ago) and Kathy helped me cut the Bread and Butter "Jelly Stars" mini that I bought at the quilt show...two years ago I think it is now.  I did some pinning...
Then I sewed up these four blocks for it.  I started on the stars, but we had a tiny cutting error that affects each star so I may need to do some recutting.  Oh well, won't be the last time I am sure.  At least it saw some progress!  
Both Kathy and I are incredibly tired tonight so it is time to climb into bed and watch TV for a bit.  So glad I don't work til 10:30 tomorrow.  I didn't get enough sleep last night, that is for sure.  


scraphappy said...

So glad you got to join Bonnie for a bit of evening stitching. Enjoy sleeping in.

Roslyn said...

Along with the prayers send him all the AZ sunshi23 ,urpoinne you can we could do with a bit less Andee!