Saturday, September 29, 2012

Saturday Night Sewing

 Here is my UFO for this month--Broken Crockery which I made a quilt camp close to two years ago I think.  Umm, it isn't all done being quilted.  I started it, but it wasn't coming out how I wanted (the other day) so I haven't decided what to do to finish it.  It is closer to done though so that is good.
I also made a scrappy binding for Smith Mountain Morning.  Used leftover binding in my drawer and grabbed a few more strips from the bin and whipped it up.  I wasn't in the mood to battle a big quilt binding tonight though.
 So I added binding to my other Modern Lil' Twister.  See I am using my new clips?
 Back is orange and grey and here is the front.  I got it all quilted and then bound it.
 Wanted to show you I added my little seam guide to my featherweight.  After using the tool I will say Becky helped me with a quarter inch seam perfectly!  I stuck this right on top of what she already had helped me with.  Yippee!
 Here is is done.  Kathy and I decided we liked this one better than the one I finished first.

 That one has purple on the binding.  It will now be a gift :)

 Here it is all hung up in its rightful place, for the moment.  I sure have been into making little quilts lately.  I just love them!

 I wanted to show you my Grandma Nan's earrings too.  Not sure where she got them, but the detail on them is incredible.  Those scissors actually look like mini stork scissors!  I enjoyed wearing them for shop hop, guessing that is going to have to be an annual tradition! 


scraphappy said...

Busy night! Glad you were able finish off another project. Looks like a binding weekend for you.

Roslyn said...

Can't believe you went home & sewed!

Sandy said...

Hi Andee, love your little twister quilts!