Saturday, September 29, 2012

What We Worked on This Week...

Did a few more spools for Bonnie's Challenge.  

Got some more Bow Ties done...

Did some cutting and added to my strips in bins and to my strings which I don't think I have ever posted about.  This dresser my mom redid when I was twelve.  I begged for it to be mine and it has survived countless moves and may actually be the piece of furniture I have had the longest.  Should have taken a picture of the front of it too, but here the drawers are pulled out so you can see how I put my strings in sort of by color.  The bottom drawer is where my quilt tops and backings wait to go to the longarmer.  

 Kathy continues to work on a twister border for the Halloween Twister quilt.  Last night I cut a ton of leftover bits into spools for me and a few for Becky.  My basket is now overflowing!  The leftover bits went into the strips and strings.  Every time I get in a cutting mood I am moving through the smaller pieces of fabric I have.  What I don't find a use for goes in a bag for BJ!  She loves scraps.

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