Saturday, September 8, 2012

Hand Tying a Little Quilt--Finally!

The board for PMQG met today for a few hours and we got alot of stuff figured out and realized we have lots more to go.  I am learning lots from these ladies and my own research about setting up groups and working with different programs online...really nice to be developing schools even if they aren't sewing skills yet.  I will miss the meeting next weekend but in October we will be making nametags.  I added some fun ones I found online to a Pinterest board after Alyssa showed us the really cool sewing machine one...pretty sure I need one of those!  
 I was in the mood to just sit on the couch and watch show after show about 9/11 I worked on handtying this little quilt from awhile back.  Bonnie Hunter is encouraging us to get in some hand work so here is mine!  Thanks for the motivation Bonnie!  I then added the binding and it is done.
 Not the greatest pictures but you get the idea.  I love the back of this one..I had to have these darn frogs and they look even cuter in a project than on my shelf.  I am sure this one will get the back displayed now and then!
Tomorrow is going to be all about making geese for Hawaii Sunset...I haven't even checked yet how far behind I am compared to the other to do that now!  


scraphappy said...

Not behind at all, but more people are joining in all the time! Someone should make a list. It took me a minute to see the frogs, darn they are cute!

Jan said...

I love your little tied quilt! I grew up with tied quilts and they always remind me of happy times. Thanks for sharing it.

I found you through Bonnie's linky.