Monday, September 17, 2012

Still Working on Geese!

I spent most of my weekend at a conference so I didn't get to sew much.  The conference was really good and I learned some great stuff and got to see lots of familiar faces.  So many terps I know here in AZ after just a few years of being here!
I did manage to sneak in 25 geese each of the three days though that was really about all I could manage.  I now am up to 425 geese I think it is.  I had to layout a block and see what is was going to look like.  So here it is.  I like it, but so many pieces in a block.  This is the most complicated thing I have ever attempted that was Bonnie's!  I am pretty sure. 

 Meanwhile the fabric I ordered from Hancocks (great sale Amy emailed me about) arrived and since they didn't have the right amount to cut in the orange I got two pieces and more yardage for free.  This is what I got so it is added to my stash.  I apparently really want to do another orange quilt...Orange Crush is still nagging at me for a repeat!
Well off to another work week.  Where does the time go?


Roslyn said...

Hmm another interesting block Andee.
As for OJ crush I made two, one set on diagonal one straight, gave both to QOV.

scraphappy said...

Great progress. Glad you are still able to sew a bit between work. Slowly but surely it will become a quilt.