Saturday, September 22, 2012

Valley of the Sun Shop Hop 2012 Picture Heavy!

 First stop was In Stitches!  Kathy and I met up with Ros, Lauren and BJ and hopped the day away.

The Arizona block was featured in different ways throughout the hop.  Loved this potholder rendition.  They had these cute little things (like yoyo makers) to make flowers with.  Several of us bought one and we plan to make flower headbands or purse accents one fine day.  The Tater batting I bought later at Quiltz.

 Next Stop Quilter's Bee.  Here are the four of us, tiaras and all!
 Love this quilt.
 And this one too!
 So much you can do with those whiligig rulers.  I bought the large size Lil' Twister (finally) and the first shop...found it again later (and cheaper) at another shop.  However, this shop had a Marti Mitchell ruler that does the same sort of thing with less waste.  One ruler for lots of different sizes, sigh.  We bought it too.  It is an illness!
Here is the ruler I bought here.

 Then Sun Valley Quilts.  This store was crazy busy and I didn't wind up buying anything. They too had a cute Arizona block.

 Managed to get Kathy in a photo with BJ.
Here is my loot from AZ Quilts.  I fell in love with the kitchen fabric.  Found a few civil war fabrics on clearance for my Hawaii Sunset and had to have some Dimples in orange!

 Cute flag quilt Kathy liked.
 Stopped for lunch at Cheezeheadz.  The owner is from Black River Falls, Wisc...just 40 minutes or so up the road from where I am fun.  The menu had lots of Packer things on it.
 Next up the shoppe out near my sister and mom's.

 Kathy and I each bought a pincushion kit with a tiny Arizona block.  Really cute, hoping I can get mind to look like that!
 Saw more cute Lil Twister type quilts.

Here is my loot from OWQS.  Finally got some potato fabric and had to have some of this fabric with all the different names of quilt blocks on it!  (Also our two pincushion kits)

 We then tootled in to Quiltz.   I was the only one who bought something here and was consequently left behind.
 Really loved this red, white and blue quilt in the corner.
 Fell in love with these little guys too, though I am not going to attempt to make them!

 Arizona block at Quiltz.
 Bernina Connection had a very cool Arizona block...they gave us a paper pieced little AZ flag to put in the center of the block.  I really want to try that!
 More Lil' Twisters...made to look like wreaths!  So very cute!

This is the Modern Quilt Relish pattern I had to have from BC.  I don't make too many modern quilts, but I always have them on my to do list!

 We said goodbye to the crew (til next Saturday) and Kathy and I made one last stop on the way home to 35th Ave. Sew and Vac.
 Bought some Reunion fabric there.
 Kathy found some fat quarters..and this confetti black was from an earlier store for her.  She likes black backgrounds.  I may borrow it, lol.

 BJ brought me some Florabunda fabris and scraps for more bow ties, yay!  I need to do a few more blocks and add one last row.  LOL, soon done with that one!
 BJ also delivered my half off kit that I had ordered online (several of us ordered together to take advantage of sharing shipping and getting free fabric if over a hundred dollar order).  This is one of those, I don't really need it but for 40 bucks how can I beat all this fabric and a pattern!  I like it!

We had a nice day, spent too much money (helping out the economy) and can't wait to do it again next weekend!  I have no idea where I am putting all this fabric though seriously.  Time to get sewing!


scraphappy said...

What a fun day. You should be stocked up for a while now on new projects to try. Good luck getting it all done.

Roslyn said...

Ha you do such a great job of recording the visits Andee I am taking notes on your expertise! I forget to take pics......
Your SMM is coming along, really hope to have it done for you by Saturday.

Tiffany said...

I wanted to do this shop hop so bad. Maybe next year!