Sunday, January 1, 2012

Completed Quilts 2011

These are most of the completed quilts of 2011 and where they went. One picture accidentally made it in twice and a few didn't make it in, but all in all alot was sewn and finished in 2011.

1. 121 Carolina Crossroads June 2011, 2. 123 NYE Mystery 2010, given to DJ's niece Bella 3. Lil' Twister Christmas, mine 4. 145 Hannah's Christmas Tree Skirt ,Hannah has 5. 142 Baby Boy Quilt, given to DJ's nephew Cody 6. 141 Baby Girl Quilt, given to DJ's niece Gabby 7. Lil' Twister Halloween, mine 8. Mom and Dad's Christmas Quilt, given to Toni and Gary Hirn 9. 135 Baby Quilt, 10. 131 Downy Quilts for Kids Donation Quilt, 11. 130 Downy Quilts for Kids Donation Quilt, given to Hannah's good friend Jolie's baby 12. 113 Quilt of Valor, given to my nephew Christopher Simons 13. 93 Slide Show , given to Mackenzie Daniels for his graduation from high school 14. 127 Streak of Sunshine for Kelly's Baby Xavier, 15. in there twice 16. 148 Karen's Lil' Twister, 17. 151 Hannah's Broken Crockery, 18. 151 Hannah's Broken Crockery back, Hannah's 19. 143 144 Tablerunners,given to DJ's sisters, mom, gma 20. 129 Simple Quilt for Lily


Sandra Kaye said...

Wow, great finishes. Andee!! Hey, I have a question for you..... How do you make the multi tile of photos on your blog like that??? Just curious. Hugs.

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

HA!!! That was a FUN (unplanned) game! "Find the duplicate picture."

Great finishes Andee!