Friday, January 13, 2012

Pink Lemonade Little Quilt

Lori over at Humble Quilts is posting this little Pink Lemonade reproduction quilt from one that she has (or has a photo of). I have been watching several blogs as people are following I did with her last three little quiltalongs! I always think I will find time later, I save and even print the steps and figure I will fit them in somewhere. Then at midnight last night (after a day of prepping for teaching--done and housecleaning) I though I would "just cut out the pieces" after all I have a good selection of fabrics perfect for this that I rarely get to play with. Then I thought I would sew just one block...the one I had the half square triangles all made up in my orphan basket (only those had the right colors!) so I did that one--it has different pink background fabric but that is okay because so does the original.
DJ was playing a videogame and since I was happy to sew on she was happy to play I kept on sewing! Sort of happy accident I cut too many of the colored fabrics so some of them got sewn too for the next step they will become half blocks.

I had to lay them out on top of some cheddar so you can see where it is going. These blocks make me smile. I love simple, quick and easy, and I love them. Thanks Lori for getting me on it! Now off to take CJ to two doctor's appointments and then stopping at the college to do a few things and then I am off to June's to sew Orca Bay. Gotta go pack the car!

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