Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Something Fun for Me

After work today I played with my leftover strips from the Schnibbles I sewed and using the black face mask as a sort of pattern and looking over the directions from my Amy Butler pattern I whipped up a fun eye mask. I hate it when there is any light when I have a migraine so I wear this little black one alot. Sometimes I can't find it so two will be nice.
I also cut out the triangles for Orca Bay with my Easy Angle ruler. I know Bonnie LOVES this ruler, but most of the time I get Kathy to do my cutting with it because it takes me forever to get the hang of flipping it correctly to cut. I sometimes am SO unvisual I wonder how I am a sign language interpreter!
I also sewed ten more of clue 5 and then couldn't resist sewing the white triangles to ten of them. One teeny, tiny step at a time I will get this done. I spent quite a bit of time today at work (on hold on the phone) reading blogs and drooling over all the nice Ocra Bay quilts that are coming together far quicker than mine. While that is very motivating to see and gives me a good kick in the pants I just can't seem to make much progress. Sometimes I just like a small project that gives me quick satisfaction!

Can you see the way my thread is skipping or something? I was really getting frustrated with my Viking tonight. I would have gone on to do more but I had to resew quite a few seams. I changed thread (it was almost out so I thought the weight of it was messing up the machine), I rethreaded bobbin and top thread, I pulled out all underneath and cleaned out all the lint, I spoke nicely and not so nicely to it and it just was sometimes doing this. I have had trouble with the machine ever since I got it "fixed" and it is driving me nuts. Any suggestions out there for this?
Working all day tomorrow but will be thinking on Orca Bay....and dreaming that is is done so that I can get back to Smith Mountain Morning which is waiting in the wings!
Oh I did sew four little cheddary challenge leaders and enders too. Those make me smile!


Amy said...

It could be a timing issue. I had a Husqvarna that had that problem. I found a good tech and he adjusted the timing. That fixed the problem. I'd take it back to the repairman and have him/her check it. I know that is more of a hassle for you but it sounds like something isn't right from the repair.

Quilter Kathy said...

Oh dear...I would take it right back to get it fixed properly this time!

Yuki said...

Have you tried replacing your needle? Sometimes a burr in the needle will cause this.

ttfn :) Yuki