Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012 UFO Challenge

I have never done a UFO challenge mostly because I am a finisher and don't have many UFO's. Really what I have is more WIP's sometimes I take a long break before getting back to them but I would be hard pressed to find 12. I decided to inventory what I have going on and low and behold I have twelve! So before they take over my world I guess I will try to get to some of them! Judy over at Patwork Times is issuing the challenge again this year.

1. First up of course is ORCA BAY/Long Lake! I will be working on this until it is done anyway so hopefully it isn't up right away, this baby takes time.

2. My sister's CROWN QUILT. This one is not even all cut out yet, but I would love to have it done in time to give her for her birthday in August.

3. This is my CHRISTMAS TREE SKIRT that is a flimsy. I just didn't have time to get it done before Christmas as I had hoped, but I got my daughter's matching one done and she loved it. This will be a quicker finish than most!

4. This is TWIST OF FATE which is cut out and barely started (not sure where the pic is for that) and really I just was doing this at quilt camp as a filler. I am not as excited about this one as I was when I had to have it. I think the pattern is so cool but I wasn't too keen on it all by the time I got going on it. I seem to recall lots of hst's and if I could see the future I would say of all of these UFO's this is the one most likely to not get done this year...I hope this number is drawn anytime soon.

5. These are the 9 PATCH AND SNOWBALL blocks I did each month in a different color several years ago. I think I even put some into rows but I have a whole bin of them I need to just make a top or two out of it and get quilted. I may need to make more blocks in various colors to bring it to completion. Apparently the first number drawn was five so this is the one I will start with. I randomly put the pictures in here but I am glad this easier one came up!

6. RANDY'S SMITH MOUNTAIN MORNING quilt is about this far. I want this one done by November to give him for his birthday and I was planning to get back to it once Orca Bay is done, as this one also takes some time.
7. MY QUILT HISTORY BLOCKS need to be put in a top and sent off to Ros for quilting. I have these blocks and several extras of my own since not everyone did her trade as promised. So I need to figure out what to do with this one and just get it done!

8. I SPY SQUARES QUILT is in tub and I occasionally add to it or so on it, but I may as well go ahead and make another one of these since I have it started.

9. MAC's BLUEWORK BLOCKS...I have several of these bluework blocks done and somewhere lost the motivation to keep on doing them. I need to either complete some more blocks or get the top together and be done with it! This project may take all year!

10. PINEAPPLE BLOSSOM BLOCKS...I was doing some of these whenever I was at June's house and got tired of what I had brought along or finished up what I had going so this is as many blocks as I have. I need to turn it into a top already! Looks like I may need to make another block or two too.

11. MY BROKEN CROCKERY this one is a flimsy which I love and didn't want to wreck by quilting it myself. I need to either bite the bullet and do it by machine or by hand or just see if Ros can do a tiny one for me.

12. MY SEASONS BARGELLO quilt is a flimsy but Ros and I decided it wasn't great like this and we should just take it apart and do it as little quilts for my wall or something. I know I will be happier with that but unsewing really sucks so I just stuck in the drawer. LOL.

So there you have it. I dug deep and discovered twelve projects I can sort of call UFO's...serioulsy, there aren't anymore. It will be nice to get them down to three or four managable works in progress though. I don't want the UFO ship to set sail on me as it has so many other, LOL! Are you doing Judy's UFO challenge?


Quilter Kathy said...

These are fabulous UFO's! You definitely don't want to get out of control like me :) Good to stay on top of the accumulation!

scraphappy said...

Good lick on the UFO challenge. You are smart to whittle them down before the grow out of control.