Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ruth's First Quilt is Done!

Ruth came over for a few hours today and finished piecing her quilt. Next she basted it (all by herself!) with basting spray and pins, quilted it and bound it. It is really cute and I think our co-worker who is expecting is going to be tickled! I guess she is doing the baby's room in pink and brown so this quilt will be the highlight of the room--at least in my opinion!
While Ruth was working on her quilt I did several more blocks for Mourning Crosses. After Ruth left I got the sashing and first border on it. I was working with the fabric that I have in my stash and I need to get more black fabric. I really didn't have much to choose from. The border/sashing has cute little cherries on it, hardly seems like mourning fabric but it was available! I decided to go ahead and cut up some of my dad's flannel shirts that have been sitting waiting to find their way into a quilt or two. This is the perfect one for I want to make several of these so I can give one to Margie (my dad's lifetime girlfriend) and my uncle Jim...maybe my sister and my uncle Rick if I get real ambitious. I had thought I would do one for me too, but I think I will just incorporate the fabric into the cheddar challenge quilt I am doing instead because I plan on keeping that one and I have memories of Gma Nan in that one already!

And another photo of Ruth's quilt though just before trimming I think.

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