Sunday, January 15, 2012

Teaching Ruth to Sew

This morning I went to Ruth's house to teach her how to sew on a machine. She treated me to breakfast and bloody mary's and then brought out this beauty! I think she said it was her hubby's grandmother that hand pieced it and they got the top and had someone quilt it for them. It is really stunning with so many colors and such personality. Gorgeous! Seeing this up close made my day!
We started with something simpler though...a Bonnie Hunter "Streak of Sunshine" quilt. Ruth had picked the fabrics on her own and we cut the strips and arranged them in an order we liked.
Ruth sewed them into strips.
Then we cut them again and arranged them, did some unsewing and resewing and got this!
Ruth added the narrow border and we got the outer border cut but ran out of time to sew it on because I had to get home to the Packer game! I think it looks great and our co-worker Chelsi (who is expecting her first, a girl) is going to love it. That Ruth would not only learn to sew but put in the time and money on this for Chelsi's baby is really special! I hope I have nurtured a new quilter. One can never have too many quilting friends!
Now to watch the Packers and finish knitting my sock!


Kelli said...

What to go Ruth! That is going to be a great first quilt, I'd say you're a good teacher. :o)

Roslyn said...

Good job Andee helping to raise up the next generation of quilters!

Linda said...

Wow! Great first quilt! You and Ruth did great. Good job teaching and she did a good job putting it all together.