Saturday, January 7, 2012

And Another Clue Done, Another Clue Done, Another One Bites the Dust...

I had several songs running through my head today while endlessly sewing Orca Bay clue five! The first one you may recall from Miss Sherri and Lambchop I made a few word substitutions but it goes like this "this is the clue that never ends, it just goes on and on my friend...some people started sewing it not knowing what it was and now they sew forever just because this is
the clue that never ends...." that little ditty is hard to get out of your head and since I sewed at Ros' today with her and BJ they didn't really want to sing it along with me...

I managed to sew several of these babies incorrectly and some even made it past my first quality control and got another black triangle sewn to them before they were discovered (nine of those to be exact) so I had to do a bit of unsewing and then I came home and resewed and cut thirty more triangles (counting is apparently not my strong suit, I had too many hst's and not enough triangles!) and whipped those babies together. So the next song that came to me was "Another One Bites the Dust!" that at least got the other one out of my head! Clue five is done WHOOT WHOOT WHOOT WHOOT. That is seriously one long clue (made longer by
the fact that I sewed 102 of them to the clue seven light triangle as I went along).
When I arrived home I was excited to see that my prize from the SewCalGal's Christmas Quilt Show. It is a really pretty quilty Christmas ornament from
It is the limited edition 2011 ornament which sold out, but they have some really neat looking stuff.

The above picture is from their website so you can see the detail, it is very sweet! Anyway, after finishing off clue five with not a whole lot of help from DJ and Bug (we were watching Hangover Two)...
I decided to lay out the pieces so I could get a sense of what this quilt will look like. I am thinking I am going to want to put yellow centers in the dark blocks as some others have done. I like it though!
I managed to sew up eight more light colored stars, press and trim them before packing it in. We are watching a few more movies this evening and chilling.
DJ made us French Onion soup (so good!) and I whipped up two drawstring bags for my knitting. I looked online and for 20 bucks I could buy one but for fifteen minutes of my time I could make one! I didn't like the size of the first one for my sock stuff so I hacked off the bottom for number two and it is perfect. I will be making more of these because I know Hannah is going to want one in purple. It makes a nice gift for a knitter. Been thinking about joining that Christmas all year group...this may be my first project for that. :)
So Orca Bay update: Clues 1-5 are done, clue six is in progress (10 total blocks done, all parts cut), clue 7-102 blocs done, 127 flying geese to is getting there! WHOOT WHOOT, again, I can't help it!


Roslyn said...

I have said before & I say it again, Andee you are one of the most prolific quilters I know! And now you knit too........
can't wait to see Orca Bay done, wish I could have joined in.
Always fun to be around you & BJ!

scraphappy said...

Already thinking about Christmas for next year? Most impressive. Orca Bay is looking great. I am really liking your color choices. Keep plugging along, we will be there before you know it!