Sunday, October 28, 2012

Some of My First Quilts :)

 I decided I should share some of the first quilts I ever made that haven't made a blog appearance yet.  This was Strawberry Shortcake (quilt # 12) This one was not too hard since it is all squares and I used strawberry fabric and just loved it.  It has long since been worn out and last I knew Randy had it, but not sure if he still does.
Made this one "Animals in the Pines" for my sister Tina.  she loves horses and she loves the quilts I make her.  Funny how my taste in fabric has changed since then, I would never put this stuff together now--lol!

This one was a kit in Fabric Trends called "Surfaces" that I did for my daughter Hannah.  See that light green?  I just cut up a bit of it for a bow tie or a spool (or both) and it made me smile to think of the early days of quilting in Wisconsin!  I have a large chunk of that darker green that was the matching valance...just dug it out the other day and I think I gifted it to Megan for her stash--should have cut a spool and bow tie from that too!
 This next one is the one I made for Randy's mom Margaret when she had cancer.  She has now passed and Randy's sister has this quilt in Ohio.  This was my second Irish Chain quilt and I love how it came out.

 This was a wild and crazy quilt I made for Mac--my youngest back when he was about 10.  He wore this one out but I think he still has it.  Both my boys LOVED that flame fabric.  "Do you Believe in Magic" was the pattern.

 This one was made for my mom after her heart attack in 2004.  She was in AZ and I was in WI and wanted to send her some heart health so I made "Heart and Soul" it was my first pieced border and was a bit tricky for me but I love how the whole thing came out and again just yesterday I ripped apart the remaining strip set that was STILL in my drawer and cut it into bow ties and added it to the bow tie quilt--in the post yesterday you can see three purple fabrics right in a row.  That Cheddar Bow Tie quilt is super extra special to me just for all the memories stitched in!  Purple is my mother's (and my daughter's) favorite color!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your pretty quilts and their stories! (I have a sister named Tina too.:D)

Teresa in Music City said...

How nice Andee to have such a nice photo history of your quilts!!! My favorite is the purple one with the hearts border :*)

My tastes in fabric have changed dramatically over the years. When I cleaned out my stash a couple months ago, I gave away a lot of fabrics I bought early on that I know I'll never use now.