Saturday, October 6, 2012

Sewing with Bonnie, then with Barb!

 I got up and grabbed some coffee and started sewing with Bonnie in my PJ's!  See she is holding up another completed block and you can see the ones I made today too!
Norway fabric, a block for me and one for Bonnie!
Someone commented to Bonnie about European fabric and Bonnie said something about always trying to find unique or unusual fabric we can't get her in the States which got me to thinking I had fabric from Norway from almost a decade ago.  I have been saving it for something special and the only thing I have used it for was an apron once.  I thought it might work though it does make for a busy block!  I made Bonnie and I matching blocks--so will send hers off to her next week.  Maybe it will wind up in her quilt, or in her backing for it.  I had leftover bits so I made a third one only the third one has the opposite colorway.  Not sure what I am doing with that one, if I find someone making "Moth in the Window" I may just send it on to that person.  
Barb invited me over to sew for the evening, so I finally showered and dressed and loaded up to go sew.  I worked on my two brown SoScrappy Rainbow Blocks for October.  Just have pinwheels to go.  This is of course another Bonnie pattern, Jack in the Box.

I also worked on one hundred flying geese for Hawaii Sunset.  This isn't he final picture, but in the end there were a only one hundred more to go!   Finally feeling like I may finish the geese up before Christmas, lol!

Worked a bit on the Cheddary Challenge at home earlier too.  Got another block together and a few more bow ties.  Got two spools done today too!  
I did check to see what the UFO challenge is for October and lo and behold it is Smith Mountain Morning.  I got the binding on that before going to Barb's and will post pictures tomorrow.  It needs a label and then it is off to Monica and Bob's!  
I am not planning to do this month's Schnibble since it is a large quilt and I am just not motivated to get to it.  


scraphappy said...

What a great sewing day!

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Awesome day! So inspiring too. You planning on another "Sunday" sewing day? I hope to... at least until the Pack plays.0000

Sheila said...

Pretty brown blocks, Andee :)
Beautiful fabrics for your Hawaii Sunset.