Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sewing with Becky and Bonnie :)

I got up really early yesterday because Kathy set up a booth at Barktoberfest and was out the door early.  I couldn't sleep so into the quilting studio I went.  I cut a bunch of bow ties and plenty of spools (for me, Becky and sewing buddy Kathy) and then sewed up a rice heating thingy, one spool and then whipped out the last 100 of the flying geese Hawaii Sunset blocks!  I am SO THRILLED to have gotten this step done I can't even tell you!
Next I sewed a boatload of cheddar bow tie blocks.  I decided whatever I have, I have and extra blocks will either go in the back or into a pillow or two.  

Bonnie was on quiltcam for a few hours and Becky and I enjoyed cutting and sewing with her too!  Another things I did yesterday was dump my leftover bits drawers and grab stuff to pass on to Megan who is happily sewing along on her new machine.  Feels good to lighten my load of things I am tired of and at the same time neaten up what I have!  I reorganized and folded all of my modern fabrics too.  I had bought more at JoAnn's last weekend because it was on clearance and with the Columbus day sale it was 3.00 a yard plus I got 10 bucks off of 50 so it seriously sold itself!  I bought some yarn for bday and Christmas gifts so I easily spent the 50!  
This morning I got up and sewed the bow ties into blocks and these are the last blocks to add to the quilt top.  I am so tickled to get this one done, figure out the backing and set it aside to be longarmed!  Then I can begin working on the spools in earnest!  So far I have 15 made, but lots cut.  

Today we have Megan's boys' birthday party to go to and I need to run to JoAnn's (again!) to get some wonder under stuff to make Monica's quilt label.  We gave up on embroidering one as we discovered my Diamond's embroidery connection is loose and though we can attach it, when we push the arm in it somehow doesn't read that it is plugged in.  Hopefully it is an easy fix, that was one spendy machine and I haven't even played with the embroidery!  I bought it on ebay so I was taking my chances, but I am hopeful it  just needs to be remounted.  We bought an embroidery foot so once it works we will be playing with it--finally!  So then this morning I went to make the label the old fashioned way and I can't find my wonder under--I only had a bit left so I am thinking I must have used it up....I have searched in the likely time to get another half yard, takes me years to run out of it.  That label is getting made today, that quilt needs to go in the mail is time! 


Judy D in WA said...

Yeah for finishing the flying geese!!! Love the bow ties.
Isn't it fun sewing with Bonnie?!?

Nice buy on the fabrics and way to share what you don't want any more!
I made a couple bow ties today and now I'm hopelessly addicted!
Isn't there always a trip to JAs in our future???

Roslyn said...

Ah my friend as usual you are over-productive & I can't even find my knitting, life just isn't fair I want to quilt!!
Your bowties are adorable and I know they are fast & easy.