Sunday, October 28, 2012

Randy's Grands' Quilts

In 2003, Randy's first grandchild was born and this is the quilt that kicked off my passion for quilting.  The grandbaby's name is Hailey.  In the picture is Rachel--she is now 21!
 Heather and Chris' next child was a boy--Christian got the "Old MacDonald Had a Farm" quilt done in zoo fabrics the following year.  Below is Christian snoozing on his quilt.

Next came Olivia who got one of a pair of "Screaming Yellow Crib Quilts" I made in 2006.  Isn't she a doll?  
I can't seem to find any documentation of which quilt I gave to Phylisity!  I think it might have been one of these because it is a baby quilt between the sister before and after it, but I honestly don't know!  The kids live in Georgia right now so I haven't seen them or the quilts in forever.  

Their last child is Kara Reneè (yes four girls and one boy!)  and she got this quilt.  

Then Randy's other daughter, Rachel (who used to live with us when she was nine and who came every summer for years to stay with us) had her first baby a week ago!  Randy will soon be on his way to see Leon in Norway and he will be delivering this Card Trick quilt for him.  I also sent an Eye Spy Quilt for him--and some burp cloths and clothes too.  Here is Leon :)

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Teresa in Music City said...

What a nice collection of baby quilts made! And it looks like the babies enjoyed them very well too :*) Little Leon is a cutie pie for sure!