Sunday, October 7, 2012

Hexie Flower :)

Managed to hand sew another hexie flower during the Packer game today.  We won't talk about how we were in the lead all the way til the very end, when we weren't!  UGH.  Anyways, by the end of the season I should have enough of this hexie flowers for a little quilt!
Today we bought Kathy's niece Megan a Brother machine from Goodwill.  It was $24.99 and came with a looks brand new and runs!  She just got dumped by her 3 year boyfriend, so she needed a pick me up.  She has been over here to sew a few times and her birthday is next month, so we got it for her.  She is so excited.  I also went through my fabric and gave her some of my fabric, some thread, needles, pins and magnetic thingy to hold them on as well as a few quilt books and magazines.  Can't wait til she gets to sewing!


Quilter Kathy said...

Yippee...another quilter in the making! Way to recruit!
Hope she enjoys her new/old Brother!
Thanks for linking up!

Margaret said...

Like the flowers, Andee! I find English Paper Piecing very soothing, but don't do nearly enough of it. Perhaps if I had a hubby who watched football.... ;-)

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving word, too.


Roslyn said...

I do adore these flower hexies, Andee, just won't be making any.I did try tho, just can't do handwork anymore. I am really happy to have found a blogger friend who does handwork & she has agreed to make me a Missouri Daisy in exchange for quilting!
No quilting since Tuesday, my back went out again & I am confined to bed all week the pain is too bad. Very boring too!