Saturday, October 27, 2012

Just Around the Bend is a Flimsy!

 While this wasn't the UFO drawn for this month for me, I am substituting it because it was someone's UFO and I got it done.  Will send it out to be quilted.  Today I finished up Just Around the Bend--the Debbie Caffrey mystery quilt UFO I picked up at a fabric thrift sale.  I was happy to get this top done while sewing along with Bonnie Hunter!  It went together really well and I cut up the little leftover bits into spools and folded up the big bits.  I still need to make the backing and I have not yet decided who will get this one, but I have someone in mind--maybe.
I need to get a better picture of it out in the sunshine...the green and cream aren't solid but they read as such from the distance of the picture.
Kathy has been hard at work finishing up the border for the Halloween Lil' Twister quilt too.  Can't wait to have that one done.  I am always looking ahead to the next quilt, ha!  I can hardly wait for Bonnie to announce the colors and yardage for the next mystery quilt.  Only have a few days til the info comes out but the wait is killing me!  Just want to see if I have enough of her colors in my stash or if I need to change it up again.  
We went over to Megan's today for a few hours and she gave me a perm.  Yay, I needed it!  Also watched a movie tonight "Soldier of Fortune" which was kind of lame, but I knitted away through it anyway.  
Hope your Saturday went well!


scraphappy said...

Beautiful quilt! I like the layout you went with. Hope you have something that will work for the backing. Any other loose ends to tie up before the new mystery? A fresh start is always such a good motivation to finish off something old.

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Come on girl! You're holding out on us. Let's see that perm :)
Great flimsey; what are the dimensions on it? 2.5" strips used?