Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Two More Little Finishes!

Sunday was apparently a day of little finishes! I finally sewed this little pincusion closed and added some fun buttons. One of the dogs found it before I finished it so one corner was a bit chewed...I did some repair and will still use the pincusion just for fun! Darn dogs! They don't usually chew anything up (one likes the remote if you leave it down and are gone a long time so we hide those) but this reminded them of their little stuffed doggie toys I suspect!

Happily sewed the binding on A is for Adiminaby! It is perfectly square but I love it anyway. The colors make me smile, the little stripe on the border makes me smile and I will be hanging it up soon. I got the next magazine (Australian one) and discovered I missed one! The one I got has C is for something or other and now I want to know what B is! I will keep my eye out for that one, but darn it! I do have two Quilter's Home that I have extra copies of I would be willing to trade for the Aussie one I need if anyone wants them!
Not sure if I mentioned I am now working a part time interpreting job on Mondays and Wednesdays...so I am SO tired on Tues and Thurs mornings. I leave my house at 6:30 AM and get home at 10:30 on Mon and Wed. I am insane, but I need more fabric money and so I bit the bullet and took the hours. The pay is great...may go back to that next year and give up teaching at the high school since I am thinking I am not as good at managing high school kids as I would like to be. I try, but it is not exactly what I was hoping it would be!
Still no more progress on DD....I did get started on the bluework one night, but need to pick it up again.


Quirky said...

*happy dancing with you* Fantastic finishes! Your dogs may be hinting they need more soft toys! ;)

Miss 376 said...

I walked in yesterday morning to find the cat killing my knitting! Must be something about animals this week. Great to have two more finishes