Friday, January 16, 2009

My Week, Back to Freelancing and Long Weekend Goals!

First off wanted to show you all the cool fabric and needle card I got as a sewing bee prize this week. Always fun to get something like this in the mail! Thanks Sharon!

Last Sunday we had Kathy's sister, brother in law, nephew and his gf over and played this mystery game. It was okay and I turned out to be the murderer! Can you believe that? Some of these mysteries are really fun. So far our favorite is "Bullets and BBQ" it was nice though to just relax all afternoon with company. We made hot beefs and some of us drank more than others. I won't name
Last night Kathy, Randy and I went and saw Fiddler on the Roof. My second time I have seen this play and it was good and fun! So tired today though because I was a little later to bed than usual. My favorite scene was the dream scene where hubby makes up a dream to get his wife to agree to breaking off the oldest daughter's engagement. It was done really well and I could tell they had worked hard on that scene. It was opening night, so I am sure this play will get even better in the next two weeks.
I also went to one of the local colleges and got myself another job. I will be interpreting two nights a week this semester (4 to 10 pm) since I have bills to pay and want to be able to afford more fabric! Good thing I am used to working alot. I am excited to get back to interpreting, this is the longest break I have had since I started doing it (6 months!) and I have good skills and don't want them going anywhere. The other exciting thing is that I will get to work with a team person is Sara who works with me at the high school (she interprets for my Deaf TA so she is often in my room 7th hour and is SO NICE!) and another is Hannah who is another ASL teacher in our district. Out of everyone I have met she is the friendliest and I think it will be fun to work with her in person. We have been sharing lesson plan stuff through email and now and then this will give us a chance to talk about what we are up to in the classroom too! So I am as excited as I can be. Economy here sucks right now, the three of us are each working two jobs! How insane is that? I can't imagine the days when hubby worked and the wife stayed home and there was money to go around. Way a thing of the past. My first check from freelancing I am treating myself to a trip to the quilt shop! Bills after that, smile.
Now on to the goals for this weekend....I am still stalled out on step three of the Double Delight mystery. I am going to get going on step three and start putting these blocks together. With any luck I will get at least half of them together this weekend..maybe more since my machine is back from getting the timing fixed (thanks, John) and I am off work on Monday for Martin Luther King day. I need to put together my quilt history block too since we meet soon. I also hope to get some scraps cut into strips and into the bin...I try to do that now and again and I need to do some more. Will be nice to get back to my "Change of Heart" audiobook too.
I am enjoying reading other people's blogs and especially seeing Bonnie's DD progress on other blogs. You people are SO talented! Smile!


Miss 376 said...

I hope you enjoy your weekend and look forward to seeing what you have accomplished

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