Saturday, January 10, 2009

A is for Adaminaby, Quilting Done

I quilted little cross stitches on here tonight. I worked on it a few other days and it was taking too long tying and cutting threads for every x. I finally decided the back looked like heck anyway, it is going on a wall and it is for me so I just ran the thread all over in the back so it finally got done! I won't show you the back, but I need to work on my technique! I don't care, I love the front! I need to put binding on it so I can handsew it in front of the next movie we watch.
Tomorrow everyone here but me is working, so hopefully I will be sewing on DD, clue 2!


Miss 376 said...

And as long as you love it, that's all that matters. Going to look great up on the wall

Quirky said...

It is a little cutie, Andee. If you don't want to run the threads across the back, thread them through the middle of the sandwich.