Friday, January 2, 2009

Gift Certificate Shopping!

This morning I decided to do some lesson planning for work since I go back on Monday and had NO PLAN for my ASL 1 class! It is a new book so absolutely everything is done from scratch by me! I have found a few people to share ideas with (which is great) but so far nothing has come in on Unit So after about four or five hours I have a powerpoint, packet, quizzes, homework and a specific plan for teaching them about sports and activities. It is pretty good if I do say so myself, lol. Glad to have most of the work behind me I ran to the LQS to spend some of my gift certificate!

Here were some clearance Christmas fabrics I could not resist. Thought they would be great on the back of a tablerunner or two. Also pictured is two teeny tiny blade refils for my small blade. I like trimming blocks with this size blade and the one I have is D-U-L-L dull!

All of these beauties are to add to my pile for Double Delight. The shirtings are all different but kind of hard to see in here. Not sure if the indigo dimples will be used, but I just had to have it when I saw it...I love Dimples fabric. If you recognize those cheddars it is because some of them were in my block kit from the same store. I really like all these fabrics and now anytime I can get started on the Double Delight quiltville mystery quilt. Bonnie posted clue three today...I need to get going on clue one, but so far the momentum isn't with me!

I also got this book for Christmas from Randy and am about half way through out. So far not a ton about quilting, but good Arizona history and information about life and times way back when. I am enjoying it. Also reading J.K. Rowlings "The Tales of Beedle the Bard" which I bought for CJ for Christmas but didn't mail. It is a good read aloud book. And just so you know what I have been listening to as well...WICKED! It is fun to listen to. I found an awesome interpreter signing one of the songs (which I had never heard) "Popular" it is very catchy and so I asked for the CD for Christmas. Now I want tickets to ASU Gammage to see it in March! I know the request list goes on and on!

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Amy (lilme2_99) said...

OMGoodness Andee---I have a small teeny-tiny rotary cutter too, but haven't touched it in years! I never THOUGHT of using it to trim up blocks---THANKS for that idea!

Also, I think I'll be watching from the stands and cheering you on on the DD. I'm really leaning towards finishing up some UFO's before starting AND finishing yet another.

I have 1 and 2 printed off's not COMPLETELY off my "possibility" scope.... *grin*

Amazingly, I did not get ANY gift certificates to quilt stores for C'mas. I won a $10 certificate at a Thanksgiving Open house though....but THAT won't go far. :0)