Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Few More Finishes!

Remember this little cross stitch ornament? I finally got it stuffed and the bottom closed (don't look too closely it is homey stitching lol) but it is done! I love it!

Randy was bummed yesterday because he had car issues and it is costing him 1100 bucks to get his car fixed. So he is not floating in the money and it is his granddaughter's birthday. I offered to use some leftover fabric in my stash to whip her up a little purse/bag and stuff it with some odds and ends I have in my gift cupboard. He is at work now, but hopefully when he gets home he will be cheered. She is six and I am sure she will be happy with it and not notice he didn't spend 50 dollars. He spoiled her and her siblings at Christmas so hopefully she will like this.

While I was at it I made a second one for the cupboard. Kathy's niece will most likely wind up with it next November when she turns six!
The pattern was from "Last Minute Patchwork and Gifts" by Joelle Hoverson. It is called "simple bag" on page 40 and is the first pattern I have used from this book! I am thinking about making some of the bird ornaments or Peanut, the wee elephant too! Go here to see some cute images of that elephant! Maybe I can make one of those for Ben for Easter to remind him always of Reba the elephant!
Other than that I did some bluework on the "One Penny" panel and have laundry going...and did some house cleaning. The weather is gorgeous, doors and windows are open and the sun is shining. Have I mentioned how much I love Arizona in January?


Miss 376 said...

A very productive weekend, the bags are lovely

Quirky said...

The ornament is cute. The bags are gorgeous! It's a good idea to make "one for the cupboard". May your day be blessed for being such a good mate to Randy.