Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Little Progress on Double Delight

So far the weekend has been busy and I have not sewn a whole lot. I managed to get 36 blocks done on clue three (the pink and white nine patches) but that is it! I went with Randy and saw "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" last night. It was interesting, gave us some to talk about but was strange too. I don't really recommend it I guess. One thing that was amazing was the make up to age and unage them. It was INCREDIBLE! Other than that....

Also hit some thrift stores yesterday and got some amazing half price deals on bags of fabric. I figured I would pick some of it up to add to my scrap bins now that I am doing more scrappy quilts. Very cheap way to stock up. I even found two large pieces of Coca-Cola fabric which I thought could be used for backings or made into fat quarters for sewing bee prizes.

My sister has invited me over to her best friend Karen's house for Cardinal football party with the girls. I am all packed and ready to head out over there and most likely will spend the night too. So no sewing happening this afternoon.

Go Cardinals!


Amy (lilme2_99) said...

I completely forgot it was Sunday Football day. Completely missed watching both games.....not a big deal to me. You taking part in a any special "Super Bowl Sunday" quilting? I'll be working on Bonnie's Blue Ridge (??) pattern for the "Blue Horizons" quilt-day.
Your chocolates are so dark--can't wait to see all your colors come together.

Quirky said...

Love the fabrics you are using. You are making good progress with it.

Quirky said...

I've found an Aussie connection with your team....the punter Ben Graham is an ex-Australian Rules Football player. His brother plays for Collingwood, my favourite Aussie Rules team.