Thursday, January 8, 2009

Double Delight Clue One is Done, Clue Two is in Progress!

I was determined to finish up clue one tonight after reading all the blogs and posts of people's progress on Bonnie at Quiltville's Double Delight so I set to work! I got all done and realized that when I recounted I forgot to include the four up on the wall already so that is partly why I was short! I had a few wonky ones to fix and that was the other part of why I was short. So I now have an extra four blocks for part one...we will see if they are all there at the end though! I decided to quick whip up ten of clue two so I could feel I now have 10 pinned together, four on the wall and two that need trimming so I am at least started--read that 104 to go! I really do enjoy sewing them though so many at once is nuts! Kathy cut a few strips I had already sewed for part three so I may do a few of those here and there between sets of ten. Someone on our group mentioned that doing them in sets of ten (sewing then trimming and pinning) really helps with the wrist fatigue and such and so I thought I would try this set that way and change it up a bit. Smile. You know I was thinking that one day quilt historians will be able to date this quilt by saying there was this Bonnie at Quiltville Craze and many people all over the world made pattern x in year x. Seriously I wonder if there is any other quilt group this large and this spread out that makes the same quilt at roughly the same time as Bonnie Hunter's group? That seems like a story for a magazine to me! Mark Lipinski are you reading? LOL...just seems like one heck of a phenomenon...We have almost 3000 members now on the list and I am sure hundreds are sewing on this quilt. You can even go to to see the AWESOMIST quilt block replica of Double Delight and other Quiltville quilt blocks that Jane put together for us along with the new button on my sidebar...I put a few of the items on my Valentine's Day is greater than the next. I loved Orange Crush, but I am thinking I might love this one more! Which is really a good thing because we gave away both Orange Crush quilts and I seriously mourned the loss of the second one (which has never happened to me before!) so I know I am keeping this Double Delight!

And I played around today trying to make some Andy Warhol prints of me for a challenge I am doing on the lgbtquilters list. Couldn't resist trying it out on Orange Crush too!
Kathy put both her NYE Mystery Quilt tops together (two crib sized) the other night too. She did a great job matching up all those seams! The back of these ones will have circus ticket fabric on it!


ForestJane said...

Awww, thanks for the mention. :)

I've also just put up a new sidebar button, that can be a general quiltville link for us Bonnie fans.

I've read Change of Heart too, isn't it good? Have you read or listened to any of her other books?

Quirky said...

*waving the pom poms and cheering* "Go Andee! Go Andee!" You are doing a gr8 job on DD. Kathy's top looks fabulous!

Western Australia

Miss 376 said...

Kathy has done a wonderful job, it looks beautiful.