Sunday, October 27, 2013

Spoolin' Around

 I decided to just get to it and start sewing all my spools from Bonnie's Spoolin' Around challenge together.  I had more blue blocks than anything since I apparently REALLY like blue fabric and have now stopped buying it until I use what I have.  I sewed a blue spool into the upper right corner of almost ever four patch of these blocks and then I put them into rows.

 And it grew into this!  It isn't nearly as big as it feels like it should be.  I felt like I was sewing spools til the cows came home.  I haven't decided it I am adding a border or tucking it away til I feel like making more spools (the day may never come) so this is as far as it goes.  I only had one leftover spool, and one leftover that was a double.  I am hoping I don't have any doubles in it, but one or two could have snuck in.  There are seven rows of eight four patches.  I am so glad to check that off as mostly done because I am already working on Bonnie's next challenge!  I plan to only make a small version of that.  I decided I prefer leaders and enders with less steps.  The bow ties two years ago were perfect.  Not too complicated.  The spools were a little harder and this year's split nine patch is too much for me as a leader/ender.  I wind up just doing a block here and there on its own and never actually do it as a leader/ender.  Sort of defeats the purpose!
 I also picked out the not so great quilting in Broken Crockery and bound it.  Now I can enjoy it on the wall and have it no longer be a UFO.  I guess I am in the mood to finish things up!
Kathy quilted CJ's black. red and white wall hanging (leftovers from his night and day quilt) that has been waiting for a bit too, so I can cross that off the list too.  

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Moneik said...

It always feels good to have finishes. That was my plan this weekend and I feel like I succeeded.