Sunday, October 27, 2013

Several Finishes, WHOOT WHOOT!

 This is the last of the leftover bits and pieces from my cousin Tara's "Night and Day" quilt.  I made Coleman a whole quilt from the leftovers, and Tara a tablerunner to match her quilt and then Kathy made this for Coleman's wall.  Today she quilted it and I bound it and we will give it to him for his birthday in December.  Bug loved it!
I made the binding and Kathy attached it to Tobacco Road.  This was a tag team effort and we both count it as a finish!
 Swoon is also all bound!  I do need to get labels on these though...
 I also cut out about ten more zipper pouches from Patriots, Packers and comic fabric.  I plan to get on a roll with them next weekend.

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Kevin the Quilter said...

All of them are beautiful! Tobacco Road is a quilt in my future as is Swoon!