Sunday, October 20, 2013

Christmas Through the Year--LOL

 Here are my 35th Ave. Kaleidoscope of Color blocks--which are really more of a sashing kind of unit.  One more month before we get the setting directions.
 We picked up my Featherweight from Mr. Happy Sew and Vac Saturday.  He does an amazing job and she is running like a dream.  He said it was one of the filthiest machines he has seen...umm guess I should not wait a year to bring it in! I do clean it regularly, but not the way he does.
 Here is what Kathy and I spent hours doing today!  We FINALLY (seriously I have had the stuff to make these for over a year, maybe closer to two years) got to making potato bags for the microwave.  I have already figured out which twelve folks on my Christmas list will be getting one.  I think my son is really going to like the skeleton one!  I needed a lot more potato fabric than I had, so I just used some of the other stuff in my stash.

 Here are Kathy's Crossroad (Rainbow BOM) blocks.  She paired them up and started quilting them.  She just drew lines on there like we had done to the potato bags.  They are looking good and she is going to sew them together and give it to a friend of hers.  We aren't sure if it will look weird with the seams showing on the back, but she says her friend will be happy with it so she is trying that out.  Works for me!  Oh and you can see my green and gold toes...GO PACK GO!  They won today, we did catch the game while sewing.
 I also made a binding for Swoon (thought I had already done it, but I hadn't!) and attached it.  I will get some pictures in the sun soon.  I decided to use one color for the binding because of the scrappy border.  It needed a frame.
 I also pieced a backing for Lazy Sunday and ironed it all nice and pretty for Ros.  Will be handing that one off next time I see her.  All in all, it was a very productive weekend!

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Kevin the Quilter said...

It certainly does look like you all were very productive! Potato bags.....hmmmm....I am guessing for the microwave?