Saturday, October 5, 2013

Saturday Sew Down at Home!

 We started out our day bright and early picking out a new iron.  I went with the Shark Professional--the most expensive iron I have ever owned and I am liking it so far.  Kathy, Randy and I went and saw "Gravity" which was good and made me thankful I don't work in space, I was getting sick just watching Sandra go in circles for long periods of time!  Then we came home and I got to work with my iron on the Hawaii Sunset blocks!
 I made three more zippy strippy bags for Christmas gifts.

 I cut and sewed the setting triangles (and the corner triangles though they are not pictured).  I still need to get the darker blue fabric so these triangles will get one more strip to really be done.
 Then I got to work on the black/grey color of the month from Angela's  Rainbow Scrappy BOM.  Here is Talkin' Turkey!

Kathy sewed on and off all is her Scrap Jar Stars in black/grey.
 We watched several movies today (Contact was pretty good) and then watched the entire first season of "The Survivors" which we really liked.  Nothing like sewing and movie watching for an entire day!  So the last thing I sewed was another Wild and Goosey which gives me an even dozen (plus one modern/messed up one).  I tied up the sewing room and am ready to climb into bed with a good book!  I am beta testing "Eleanor" by Jason Gurley and I finished it last night.  It will be out soon and I highly recommend it!  No spoilers for now, but the story was pretty page turning and I know it is the first in a trilogy and I already want the second one!  :)


Sinta Renee said...

I love all the things you got to work on! A day to just sew and watch movies? What a rare and wonderful kind of day!

Roslyn said...

I really do not know how you keep track Andee, of your multiple projects. For an ADD it's just too much to handle, too many pots on the stove , or balls in the air at the same time,LOL.