Thursday, December 15, 2011

This Just In: Orca Bay Sees Progress!

Can I get a whoot whoot? Finally got in some sewing time today. Had to work EARLY but got a few hours in after that, then went to another job and some time to sew again after another hour I go in and close the center (that I opened in this AM) kind of a wild day. But no migraine and I got to sew, so a good one. Orca Bay clue two is officially done! Clue three saw progress on cutting, depapering and ironing too. More to go on that, but getting there. Clue one may never be done since I have to go back and figure out how to get the colors in the right place with my triangulations papers or just do it Bonnie's way which works too. Clue four did see several blocks done and cut in half so I am overjoyed with the progress finally.
Don't burst my bubble and remind me Bonnie is throwing another clue at us tomorrow morning and I work all day! Saturday I will be cutting out my NYE Mystery and bagging up the clues, but other than that I plan to keep on keeping on with Orca Bay (or as I call it Long Lake, Wisc).

Here are my squares before I cut them in half...really loving how the greens are all different shades and so peaceful looking! Can't wait to see how Bonnie brings this one together!

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Sandra Kaye said...

Great job Andee, I have part 1 have done, part 2 papers are cut, part 3 done, part papers cut. I going at it slower, but at least it is not in print form this year....I officially am making it :):):) hugs Sandie